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Social media and your career

Are you aware that social media can affect your career? Online networking with colleagues and superiors often is unavoidable. Beware of risks in letting your social and professional worlds overlap. We’ve put together a list of some career-related content you should keep offline…

Complaining about your job

Ranting about work isn’t uncommon – we all have bad days at work. Sharing your work grievances online, even on a no-name basis, can create serious problems for you at work.

Sharing a job offer

After rounds of interviews and thankfully, you landed your dream job. Do not make a public announcement on social media…. not even in a cryptic way. Your job offer or any information from your job is confidential. Leaking confidential information will damage your trustworthiness and may jeopardize your offer.

Mocking your customers

In the hospitality industry, it is common to have to deal with challenging customers. You should never make a mockery of your customers. Posting negative comments about customer behaviour online demonstrates a lack of professionalism. Your current and prospective employers will find your behaviour to be unacceptable.

Caught lying

If you’re working from home or taking sick leave, posting on social media of your whereabouts and activities could be a serious breach of conduct. Abusing company policies will prove you are an unreliable employee and could cause you your job.

Posting at work

Using social network platforms to share content for promotional purposes is a common part of our jobs. Chefs post to share culinary process to attract more patrons. Bartenders post new cocktail creations to draw in enthusiasts. Constant checking and posting on your social media feeds is not acceptable at work . It reflects badly on your work ethic and productivity.

Don’t let your social media affect your career