When a New Hospitality Concept Mixes With "Lifestyle" Brands

Article Posted: 07.08.2017

On May 29th 2017, AccorHotels will be launching a revolutionary hotel concept called JO&JOE. The first property will open its doors in Hossegor, an ideal location for aquatic sports and leisure. Paris, Budapest, or Warsaw are on their ambitious agenda with more than 50 properties in most iconic cities by 2020.
The JO&JOE concept is emerging in an old surf house in Hossegor, the place to ride the best waves in France. Here, they aim to satisfy both young novices wishing to learn in a safe environment and professionals showing off their moves. Moreover, the main idea is to attract Townsters (people living closeby) and Tripsters (visitors to town). A melting pot to share ideas and reunite people in common areas. Pascal Locatelli, Project Leader for JO&JOE and EHL Alumnus, explains further,

“It represents a whole new hospitality concept. JO&JOE has been conceived above all as a living space that is accessible to everyone, an "open house" welcoming anyone to share experiences and meet in a blended environment”.
While the hospitality industry needs to adapt to new customers with uncommon buying behaviours, JO&JOE challenges the status quo. Mr Locatelli explains,
“The concept was designed by and for Millennials and those who share their mindset. Positive, uninhibited, fun and without fuss, the brand is just like its guests; created purely and simply to challenge convention.”

The entire infrastrucutre of the hotel was built around an "open house" concept. The bar serves as the house’s heart, a unique, social place where everyone is welcome. Hotel guests will have the possibility to cook in a shared kitchen or enjoy the local cuisine at a very decent price. Additionally, there are three types of rooms available. “Together” is a living space for people to sleep in large groups while “Yours” is a more private room created for small groups. Lastly “OOO” which stands for “Out of the Ordinary”, is a uniquely designed accommodation for up to 6 people.

Nowadays, young adults are keen on using sharing economy platforms because of their convenience, accessibility and novelty. As the number of rooms hosted by Airbnb increases, the hospitality industry must break authenticity, and challenge its existing barriers.
Accor is trying to evolve and compete in this new market against more innovative competitors. The imagination and creativity of the Marketing Innovation Lab has developed a concept to reach this special segment. By creating not only a traditional hotel but a lifestyle concept, the French group enters the new era of the sharing economy.
Some have suggested, that hotels often partner with lifestyle brands for better success. In Hossegor, JO&JOE has developed a partnership with Roxy and Quicksilver. The two Australian surf brands create “premium youth lifestyle and cultural clothing”. Mr. Locatelli further explains:
“This was a unique opportunity to open the first JO&JOE in Hossegor, known surf spot and base of the famous Quicksilver & Roxy brands. The initial contact was really interesting and we knew that a partnership would be a key driver for this experience."

Hotels are conveyed to search for other solutions and work with lifestyle labels to survive. In other cities JO&JOE extends to other brand to add value as Mr. Locatelli adds,
“We might work with other brands in the future based on our affinity with the Millennials needs. However, we want to build our brand recognition and awareness showcasing JO&JOE as an experience and lifestyle brand.”
AccorHotels addresses to a new type of customer by building and designing new lifestyle hotels driving one idea: sharing. This innovative and singular brand flourishes in a fast-changing, technological world. Breaking established rules, dissecting French traditional servicescape and deconstructing routine. As the sharing economy is an emerging market, hotels are undergoing more and more partnerships to help them to add value to their offering. While, well-established hotel brands stand still, JO&JOE creates new opportunities for itself, meeting Millennials' highly selective criteria and hopefully, successfully positioning itself at the head of the renewal of the hospitality industry.

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Source: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne