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Multi-Lingual Success
Posted: 09.06.2017
Times have changed, critically so in Asia where Mandarin Chinese has, over time, become a firm requirement instead of...
Working in Asia: A life-changing experience
Posted: 18.05.2017
With its thriving economies and colourful cultures, Asia has always been a popular destination for people from around...
乘風破浪 - 如何才能在郵輪上工作?
Posted: 09.05.2017
Posted: 26.04.2017
Posted: 19.04.2017
人才爭奪戰 - 酒店業
Posted: 10.04.2017
Posted: 15.03.2017
隨着經濟發展和資訊流通,亞洲區對旅遊的需求於過去十餘年大幅增長。低成本航空善用未被充份利用的資源,例如二線機場... Launches at Education & Careers Expo in Hong Kong
Posted: 09.03.2017 officially launched two weeks ago, at the HKTDC Education & Careers Expo 2017.  
World Class Hotel Preps Top Flight Careers
Posted: 22.02.2017
Hong Kong’s luxury hotels are world renowned for their excellent accommodation and services in arguably the...
Posted: 14.02.2017

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What Sites Like Travelocity, Kayak and Mean to the Hotel Industry
Posted: 16.06.2017
Metasearch sites and Online Travel Agencies are making it easier for travellers to find affordable travel options....
Hygge – An Example Of Hospitality Across Cultures
Posted: 02.06.2017
Hygge, one Danish way of looking at hospitality. Simple word yet describing extraordinary coziness and conviviality...
Top 10 Questions to Ask During Your Interview
Posted: 19.05.2017
Asking interviewers questions is a good way to give yourself an opportunity to SHINE and set yourself apart from...
The Effect Body Language Can Have on Your Life & Career
Posted: 02.05.2017
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that what a person was saying completely contradicted the way they...
Top Tips to Manage and Protect Your Online Presence
Posted: 24.04.2017
How to Manage and Protect Your Online Presence Effectively. 
Hospitality in Bhutan: A return to the Authenticity of Human Relationships
Posted: 13.04.2017
The tiny Himalayan country, Bhutan, despite being closed to tourists until 1974, is famed for its legendary...
How to Practice Good Manners Around the World?
Posted: 05.04.2017
Aside from the professional knowledge exchange and with more than 107 different nationalities represented on...
10 Great Ways to Go Green in the New Year
Posted: 27.03.2017
Natural resources are in limited supply. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are becoming...
Postcard From My Internship in Hong Kong
Posted: 20.03.2017
My 6-month internship at the Design Development department in the Marriott headquarters for Asia Pacific was a...
Education vs Work Skills: What do Employers Really Look for?
Posted: 13.03.2017
Many of our students ask us whether education or hands-on experience matters more to employers. The reality is, this...