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Gaming in Asia – Next stop: Vietnam and Cambodia
Posted: 10.08.2017
With the ongoing corruption crackdown in China, younger gaming markets in the region, namely Cambodia and Vietnam,...
Posted: 03.08.2017
Sky- High Demand
Posted: 25.07.2017
Prospects are looking good for people aiming to forge their careers in the Asia Pacific airline industry in 2017. 
M.I.C.E不是老鼠群 而是龐大旅遊商機
Posted: 03.07.2017
「M.I.C.E」意即商業旅遊,包括企業會議(Meeting)、修學旅行(或獎勵旅遊)(Incentive Travel)、研討會(Conference),以及活動或展覽(Event/Exhibition).
What can social media do for the hospitality business?
Posted: 27.06.2017
If one thing has transformed the approach to marketing in the past 10 years it is probably social media, and there is...
Multi-Lingual Success
Posted: 09.06.2017
Times have changed, critically so in Asia where Mandarin Chinese has, over time, become a firm requirement instead of...
Working in Asia: A life-changing experience
Posted: 18.05.2017
With its thriving economies and colourful cultures, Asia has always been a popular destination for people from around...
乘風破浪 - 如何才能在郵輪上工作?
Posted: 09.05.2017
Posted: 26.04.2017
Posted: 19.04.2017

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When a New Hospitality Concept Mixes With "Lifestyle" Brands
Posted: 07.08.2017
The concept was designed by and for Millennials and those who share their mindset. 
Upper House Luxury Hotel Experience Aims for Custom Approach to Tech and Personalization
Posted: 31.07.2017
Upper House’s general manager details how the Hong Kong-based hotel finds the balance between tech, customer...
How could your Social Media Profile make your next Job Opportunity?
Posted: 26.07.2017
As you begin  building a professional network, it is time to take a step back and think about how you can...
What will the Hospitality Industry look like in 2030?
Posted: 17.07.2017
What will the Hospitality Industry look like in 2030?
3 Steps to Personalize Your Customer Journey Like the Ritz-Carlton
Posted: 11.07.2017
Big data certainly doesn't sound as sexy as content marketing, or as exciting as event management...but first...
What Sites Like Travelocity, Kayak and Mean to the Hotel Industry
Posted: 16.06.2017
Metasearch sites and Online Travel Agencies are making it easier for travellers to find affordable travel options....
Hygge – An Example Of Hospitality Across Cultures
Posted: 02.06.2017
Hygge, one Danish way of looking at hospitality. Simple word yet describing extraordinary coziness and conviviality...
Top 10 Questions to Ask During Your Interview
Posted: 19.05.2017
Asking interviewers questions is a good way to give yourself an opportunity to SHINE and set yourself apart from...
The Effect Body Language Can Have on Your Life & Career
Posted: 02.05.2017
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that what a person was saying completely contradicted the way they...
Top Tips to Manage and Protect Your Online Presence
Posted: 24.04.2017
How to Manage and Protect Your Online Presence Effectively.