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Tourism job in Singapore: Areas that you can choose from! brings you the latest tourism job openings in Singapore. From trainees to directors, we showcase job vacancies across all levels of employment in toursim and hopsitality, so you can find your dream job today!

  What if you had a job that required consistent travelling, visiting new places and learning unique facets of that place? The tourism job in Singapore provides a perfect opportunity to turn your passion into profession! With a plethora of interesting career opportunities, you can surely get a chance to tour the whole of Singapore and maintain world class career.

  As per latest reports, tourism in Hong Kong has increased from mere 3.4% in 2015 to massive 7.6% in late 2016. With the first quarter of results showing a high-quality response, one can surely consider this to be a great GDP booster.

  So, ready for a career in the tourism industry? Here is your list of opportunities!

  Tourism-related jobs in Singapore:

  There are some job profiles that are associated with the tourism industry. Either at a direct level or even at a parallel standard, you have great opportunity to capitalise.

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  1. Travel agent:

  This is one of the most important and profitable jobs in current times. Numerous people look out for opportunities to travel. Hence, both corporate and casual visitors to Singapore have increased in recent times. So, as a travel agent, you have to confirm their bookings, choose out best resorts for their vacations and ensure that they have safe travel.

  Apart from that, in case of corporate meetings, you will have to search out a qualitative place with proper electrical equipment for a hassle free business meeting. A perfect home based high-income job!

  2. Travel guide:

  This is one of the most exciting job profiles that you can choose. Every year as per Singapore-based statistics, a number of foreigners visit this city. As a local, you have an idea of its history, geographical aspects and cultural heritage. Sounds just perfect for smooth travel! Hence, there are a number of travel agencies, and you can work with them as guides.

  3. Travel writer:

  Have the perfect writing skills? Love knowing about culture of a place? You have the perfect tourism job in Singapore as a travel blogger/writer. You can associate with a company and travel with their agents to provide a detailed idea of Singapore to foreigners and others interested in visiting this place.

  4. Skilled workers in tourism industries:

  The tourism industry in Singapore is on the rise, and there is a need for skilled workers in this domain. Starting from managers, to cooks and attendants, tour guides and receptionists, this list is endless.

  For graduates in tourism, working in cruise liner is a great opportunity. You can also choose Managerial positions as well as desk job in hotels, restaurants, bistros, cafes and cruises.

  To land a perfect job, you must update your CV and consult the official website for correct information on tourism job in Singapore.

  This field is expanding. Take a cue and brace yourself well!