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Hong Kong is currently the hub of investments and job opportunities. With a record GDP of 0.7% in the first quarter of 2017, this has beaten expected rate of 0.6%. Currently looking forth to increase it to 1.6% in next two-quarters, there have been a plethora of jobs in Hong Kong. For locals, there are immense growth opportunities within the country. Apart from that, for foreigners as well, there has been a rise in Hong Kong job vacancy. With a stable government and geographic location, Hong Kong is home to a number of international start-ups.

So, what are your plans? Time for you to check out whether you match up to the requirements!

Hong Kong job vacancy: Steps to follow:

Categories of jobs:

The first and foremost aspect is to know the jobs that are available in this domain.

1. For locals: They have almost every field open for them, both in government as well as private sectors. Also, knowing the local language adds as an advantage.

2. For foreigners: These opportunities range from lower level to medium and executive range. Primary centres include marketing, sales, accountancy, engineering, telecom, logistics, human resource, finance and IT.

Criteria for jobs:

This is another important point to note before applying for a job in Hong Kong.

1. You should hold a degree certificate in the required field from a reputed institution.

2. Specialist training and previous work experience count to a great extent for Hong Kong job vacancy.

3. The concerned applicant should have a working knowledge of Cantonese or Mandarin. You also have to know English.

How to get a job?

As Hong Kong is on the rise in terms of economy, so you should register your name and profile with an authentic website. This job portal will help you find a correct job.

Some of the top job profiles in Hong Kong:

As a country that is rising the charts, here is a list of chosen careers that will help you to get a life of luxury in Hong Kong. Take a look!

· Manager:

There has been a sudden rise in the hospitality industry in Hong Kong. Naturally, this has led to increase in search for General Managers as well as area specific Operations Managers. With a pay package ranging from HK$40,000-60,000, this is an exciting field to start off your career.

· Investment Banker:

For a country whose GDP rates have been on the rise for quite some time now, investment banker is a career you can look for. At the starting level, you will get a handsome package of HK$60,000-80,000, with high chances of promotion.

· Accountants for start-ups:

Hong Kong is a profitable area when it comes to start-ups. Hence, some companies have started investing in this area and accountants are a necessity. Naturally, this is one of the most important jobs in Hong Kong.

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