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Jobs in China for foreigners: The highest paid job offers!

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As per latest reports of the first quarter of 2017, jobs in China for foreigners have increased considerably. From a range of 4,30,5000, it has risen to 5,80,3000, making it rank third regarding global job opportunity rate. In such a scenario, job opportunities are surely ranking on the top in this Chinese domain. So, what are you waiting for?

Oh yes! Is it the minimum wage rate and the language barrier? Well, there are multiple jobs that provide complete clarity in terms of both these aspects. All you have to do is find out which job profile suits the best and choose out one accordingly.

Regarding the language barrier: Well you get translators in most cases!

Job opportunities for foreigners in China:

With the largest productive population in the world, China definitely has a plethora of career options for foreign nationals as well. You just have to match the criteria.

1. Teaching English as Foreign Language:

This is one of the most preferred jobs in present times and requires a minimal University degree along with a foreign language teaching permit. Since the local language is Mandarin, there is an utmost need for knowledge of this global language both at the school level as well as professional level.

Pay pack: Approximately 20,000-25,000 RMB, with free housing and travel facility.

2. Architect with an International firm:

In recent times, various international firms have taken up projects in China. Hence, job of an architect is in high demand. With governmental support and a quality team, this is one job that you can opt for.

Pay pack: Around 340K-900K RMB.

3. Structural Engineer:

This is one job role that has a huge demand in the Chinese market, with foreigners being offered jobs of the highest capacity. With the current global scenario, where every country is looking for a merger with China, this is one of the best jobs in China for foreigners.

Pay pack: Approximately 700K-1000K RMB

4. Human Resource:

This is one area where China has improved considerably. With a huge inflow of managers, consultants and advisors, various firms have specific openings for these posts, and that too with a considerable pay package. You must have a degree or a diploma in management if you want to have a position in this domain.

Pay pack: Around 700-1000K RMB.

5. Marketing Department:

This is another area where job market in China has grown. Those foreign companies which have opened their outlets in China are hiring professionals for their advertising and marketing department. Clearly, a great way to gain knowledge of international marketing techniques and ways to help a brand grow!

Pay pack: Around 800K-1200K RMB.

Now you are aware of the jump in pay package that China has viewed in the last couple of years regarding payment to foreigners. If you wish to know more about jobs in China for foreigners, do check out the official website for authentic details!