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The hospitality industry is currently experiencing a boom with multiple career opportunities within its purview. It is a courtesy to this economic turnaround that hotel jobs in Hong Kong have gained ground. So, are you looking for opportunities in this domain? Before, you take the plunge, it is important to note the various positions that are available and which suits you the most.

On a preliminary note, you should know that every position in this industry requires management skills of utmost level. Therefore, the first step is to earn a degree in management course from a reputed institute and then search out a position that is most suitable for you.

Here’s the plethora for you. Take a look!

Various job opportunities for candidates in hotels of Hong Kong:

1. Human Resource Team:

This team primarily consists of:

· Receptionist: Job profile - to deal with visitors, ensuring them correct bookings, meeting their demands and catering to their excellent stay.

· Brand and publicity manager: Job profile - a person has to manage the portfolio of the hotel, ensure its correct promotion and consider tie-ups beneficial for that hotel.

2. Managerial area:

This is another wide area for you to choose from hotel jobs in Hong Kong. If you are a student with a management degree, you have one of the best-paid jobs at your disposal.

· General manager: He is responsible for heading managerial operations of the hotel, 24x7 that includes – determining hotel rates, allocating budgets, ensuring proper catering of each department for visitor satisfaction, and accommodating all demands.

· Bar manager: As one of the most sensitive areas, this profile includes- complete awareness of rate card, serving of permitted drinks and frisking for quality products.

· Catering Manager: As per this profile, you have to head the whole food and beverage department.

· Resident manager: His primary job profile is to assist General Manager in all his responsibilities.

3. Security team:

This area is one of the most crucial ones in a hotel and portfolio of this job demands, first-hand experience in security management, quality reports within a short time, and preparation for an emergency.

So, for this job profile, you need to have specialised management degree skills in security. Apart from that, you also have to know combat techniques. Heading a security team is no joke!

4. Finance team:

A team of accountants, financiers and marketing professionals heads this area. The onus is on this team to ensure managing of finances of that concerned hotel and garner maximum profits.

Since the options are wide enough for your degree, you can first decide on your specialised area. Then as per qualifications, you can apply for these hotel jobs in Hong Kong.

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