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Hotel jobs in China: All that you need to know in a jiffy

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For the uninitiated, the economic rate of China has seen an increase in the initial quarters of 2017. This, along with global economic rate, has resulted in China becoming one of the most sought after destinations for job opportunities. Apart from locals, there has been an increase in the number of foreign inductions by a massive 5%, when compared to other financial years. The sector that has seen a steady rise is hotel jobs in China.

Since, hospitality as an industry has seen a great improvement, therefore as a candidate looking for a job opportunity; you need to know the details. Another crucial point that you must note is what job offers what pay scale.

Only when you will get these details, you will be able to make a clear decision.

How to proceed to apply for a hotel job in China?

Since China is an entirely state governed country, therefore maximum procedure is via state modes. Candidates will have to register themselves (even when they are foreign candidates) with state recruitment agencies. From their drive, you will get a detailed idea of available jobs.

What options are available?

For candidates searching for jobs, you have options as:

1. Managerial position in hospitality sector:

China has seen a rise of candidates vying for this post. With a pay pack ranging within 700K-1500K RMB, this has various facets for you to choose from. It depends on the candidate, and their specialisation in management degree, as to whether they would accept the post of general manager or other associated areas.

2. Security jobs:

The security of a hotel is of prime importance. In this regard, your work will be to ensure electrical gadgets are working in a proper manner, and CCTV cameras are functioning. Not just that, in case of any occasion in the hotel – parties, corporate meetings, arrival of special guests, it is this security team that gives full protection to concerned parties.

So, if you have a basic degree, with special knowledge of combat and security training, you are liable for this job. This is definitely one of the most coveted hotel jobs in China, in the hospitality sector.

3. Advertising and publicity management:

This is one of the domains that most of the candidates choose in present times. With a degree in Mass Communication and Advertising, you can work for any hotel in China. Your profile will be to frame campaigns for that hotel, invite guests for various corporate occasions apart from personal stay. Branding, both offline and online will also come in your work profile.

Since you are aware of the methodology that you must follow, as well as opportunities available to you, candidates must take the next step. Register yourself with a reliable job portal and update your CV. Do not forget to check official websites to get correct news about hotel jobs in China.