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Chef jobs in Singapore: Your gateway to becoming a pastry chef and other options!

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If you have always loved to bake cakes and create gourmet desserts, then you can surely consider culinary arts as your profession. After all, Singapore is definitely increasing regarding professional opportunities. With parties and anniversaries in tow, Chef jobs in Singapore are the new field of service.

Prepare a set of delectable treats for parties and get-together and you will not only earn yourself a fortune but a bevy of compliments as well.

So, ready to take up job role of a patisserie? Time for you to know some details!

Pastry Chef: Job Description:

The first notable point is one should have good culinary abilities to start off a career in this domain. It posts this ability, which requires a certain amount of training.

· A candidate looking for this job profile should undergo extensive training in the catering department. Quality control, choosing the correct ingredients and artistic expansion is part of this learning process.

· Certain big hotel chains include administrative work as part of their chef jobs in Singapore. Hence, a pastry chef also has to prepare budgets, order supplies, and ensure complete details of the products made.

Employment opportunities:

The employment opportunities are wide, with bakeries and catering companies to start with. Apart from that, with a minimal 2-3 years of experience, or internships, employment opportunities include premium hotels, bistros, restaurants, cruise lines, and casinos.

For those with a business bent mind, after a span of 7-10 years, they become capable of opening up their cafes and pastry houses to serve people.


The minimum wage for a pastry chef in Singapore ranges within HK$6,000-8000. Depending on your artistic abilities, and dishes, this compensation will increase categorically.

Other options for chefs:

For all those candidates, who wish to explore other sides of this field, there are a plenty jobs for them.

· Haute cuisine chefs:

For all those candidates who would prefer to specialise in their art, they can definitely choose A-list restaurants to start off with. It is beneficial that candidates intern with such restaurants. This will give him/her an idea of the manner that these outlets follow, as well as global cuisine.

· Short order chefs:

To start off your career, this is a great opportunity. You can work in a small establishment wherein your primary work would be to serve people in a mid-grade restaurant, prepare delivery orders.

It is very important to note that while searching for this job profile certain points should be there. You must have your degrees from the certified institutions as well as minimal work experience, via internships. You must check out the official website that will guide you in the correct path to get one of the best chef jobs in Singapore.

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