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Chef jobs in Hong Kong: Openings that you can choose from!

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Are you the person who loves his job as a cook, but hate to remain pigeonholed in one area? A chef’s job in a cruise line is just what you need! With tourism industry getting a boost in Hong Kong and opening for Chef jobs in Hong Kong increasing, it is time that you get details of this job profile.

Looking to explore the world and master your craft at the global level? This chef’s job in a cruise line is one of those splendid opportunities for your career that you must not miss! So, what are its opportunities and benefits? Scroll down to read more!

Chef in a cruise line in Hong Kong:

Some of the top positions that you can choose in this field:

1. First cook:

This is a position that requires heading of assistant cooks, accounting works of pastry chefs and bakers and reporting details to executive cook. 2-3 years of experience on a cruise is important for this post.

2. Assistant cooks:

Also known as 2nd and 3rd cooks, their job profile includes accounting for works of lower level chefs. They are also associated with preparation and garnishing of food ideally. They have to report to first cooks as well as executive cooks. So, if you are looking for this kind of a profile, your CV should have catering degrees along with the first-hand experience in a cruise line.

3. Chef de Partie:

Since holding of special occasions are a common affair in cruises, so a certified chef heads this occasion. With a minimal 4-5 years’ experience in this industry, this is one of the most coveted chef jobs in Hong Kong.

4. Executive Chef:

For this job profile, a minimum of 8 years of experience is required. They deal with food planning, quality management and controlling of staff in a cruise line. They have the major responsibility to keep up standards of food and beverage in the cruise.

5. Assistant Executive Chef:

This position requires a candidate with 4-5 years of experience in a restaurant chain or hotel. Their primary job is to assist executive chef and maintain food quality standards.

Apart from these, there are some other openings that include bakers, crew chefs, trainee chefs and others.

Benefits associated with this job:

· It is courtesy of this job that one gets to travel around the world and add to various exotic dishes to his or her repertoire.

· Since cruise lines are a complete area in themselves, so your savings rate will be high with no costs on accommodation or food items.

All you have to do is, get a degree in hotel management and catering services, to be eligible for these job profiles. Visit the official website and keep a check on chef jobs in Hong Kong to land with the best!