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Interview for success

The only way to get over nervous jitters before an interview is to BE PREPARED. Never walk into an interview without preparation. Here is how to get prepared.

Know your resume

You may have many versions of your resume which could be confusing.  Get organised and make sure you know the version the Interviewer has before you walk into your interview! Make sure you know all the details (education, achievements, experiences, interests) in your resume.


Interviewers expect you to know basic information about the Company.  Be sure to look beyond the Company’s website and read up on news articles about the Company and the industry.

Utilize your network of friends and colleagues to find out more information. If a recruiter or headhunter has arranged your job interview, ask them to provide you with job description, names of interviewers, and why this job is vacant.

Your social media

Have you ever tried to Google yourself?  Most Employers Google job applicants before or after interviews to help them make hiring decisions. 

Be aware of your own Social Media Profile. Could something in your profile (i.e. pictures, posts or comments) potentially jeopardize your chance at the new job?

Be prepared to answer these questions

Tell me about yourself. 

  • Give a brief overview of your work experiences, achievements and goals
  • Here is the chance to highlight experiences that make you the best person for the job.

What are your short-term goals? 

  • A clearly thought-out plan demonstrates maturity and commitment to your career.
  • Remember your goals should be ambitious but also realistic.

What is your greatest strength? 

  • Know your achievements and how they relate to the job
  • Use real experiences to support your strengths

What is your greatest weakness? 

  • This is not the time to confess all your shortcomings.
  • Focus on a weakness that can be improved through experience and training.

Why do you want to leave your job?

  • Honesty is important but be sure to stay positive. 
  • Never speak poorly of your former employers or colleagues in front of prospective employers.
  • Focus on your desire to explore new opportunities to further your career.

What is your salary expectation? 

  • Discussions on salary should be avoided until you are certain you will be offered the job. 
  • If asked, just tell the Interviewer you expect a fair offer.

Prepare questions for the Interviewer

Ask about the Job

  • Is it a new opening or a replacement? 
  • What are the job duties? 
  • What does the Interviewer expect of the person filling the Job?

Ask about the Company

  • How large is the company?
  • How many people do they employ?

Ask about the Interviewer

  • Why did he/she decide to join the company?

Last tip – Never talk about salary and benefits without being asked.

Now you are prepared.
Good Luck in your interview!