Milton Exhibits Singapore Pte Ltd
51 Tai Seng Avenue #B1-04 Pixel Red, 533941


Milton is a challenger. This identity became our guiding vision ever since we have founded the company. 

As a challenger, we always endeavor to improve, innovate, and invent. These also are our missions.

Established in 2002, Milton has grown from a Hong Kong-based event service company to an Asian-based marketing service integrator. To date, we have developed four major service streams in Asia, namely event management, exhibitor service, digital solution, and general contracting. The group has employed over 300 professional staff for the offices in Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei. Since 2013, Milton has been approved as an Associate
Member of UFI.

Being a challenger, we refuse to settle for standard service because it is for standard quality. This is the reason why we can beat every benchmark at work.

Being a challenger, we disrupt the law of the market by employing state-of-the-art technology as well as integrating our various services to accelerate efficiency. In fact, we are the only service provider in the region with a truly integrated portfolio: Event  Management, Exhibitor Service, Digital Solution, and General Contracting.

Our Future Vision
Can we defy gravity? Everything is impossible if we stop innovation. We know from day one that the mission of Milton is to turn every impossibility into opportunity. It is because Milton is the challenger.